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Unleashing the power of words

I am a freelance writer with experience in behavioural psychology, brand messaging, thought leadership, marketing, research methodologies and various forms of writing.

My main goal is to craft clear and powerful messages that convey your business ethos and brand promise in a number of creative ways. To me, writing is craft, and I take a personal interest in the main outcome you want to achieve in your business.


Come on, let’s connect and start writing your unique stories!

Brand Communication

Your customers need to know why what you do matters. Be aware of what can they expect to experience from your employees, products and services.

Thought Leadership

Few things are as important as being a credible provider of information and resources to your customers.

Marketing Optimisation

Today products and services are complex, and overwhelming. Simplify your customers decision making experience through clear and on-point writing and descriptions.

Technical Documentation

Noteworthy products and services, come with practical user, support and technical operating instructions.

Anything else I can do?


Want me to read and or correct an existing or new piece of writing created by you or one of your team members? No problem, I will happily proofread and edit accordingly.


Perhaps you already possess a comprehensive PR, Marketing or Digital Campaign but it has become too time-consuming or you may want someone to set-up such a campaign for you on a project management basis. Let’s talk!


How about, you only realise now that your business requires a far more detailed and well-structured plan to claim your optimal share of the market, but you are not sure what would be your best suited approach. Afford me the opportunity to help you craft a practical, yet in-depth communication strategy for your business.


Located in the US, no problem. Operating from a European country, no problem. How about Down-Under or in Kiwi Territory, again, no problem. With a financially beneficial exchange rate, which means a very reasonable price point, and stable on-line access, getting work done for you remotely is an email or video-call away – as long as we can have coffee!

We can connect remotely via Skype, Zoom or Hangouts, or we can meet in person. I am in the Durbanville area. However you decide, as long as we can have coffee!

Talk to me:

Tel: +27 83 419 1014
Email: ivan@pencilthis.com