I am a sucker for Indiana Jones movies. I know we can pinpoint numerous cinematic flaws and ill-placed props, but even by today’s standards, few movies can keep us glued to our seats and hold us capture as Indy plunges into yet another near impossible situation, death only a few badly calculated moves away. Relief comes in the form of an even more impossible acrobatic swing from his ever present bullwhip, all this while rambling quirky comments and wielding an unexpected fist, gun or sword – Indy does it all!

Right now, as we are all reeling from the devastating economic impact of Covid-19 it is suddenly commonplace to hear about retrenchments, business rescues, downsizing, and sadly, closure or bankruptcy.

I used a movie icon from my childhood days, but I am not implying that losing one’s employment or business is to be taken lightly, however, we do control our outlook. It is the absence of a plan, the limitation of our actions, that leave us feeling frightened, stressed, angry, hopeless and a range of similar emotions.

So here is a personal list of what might be helpful to consider, should this unfortunate thing happen to you:


Calm Down

  • You cannot think clearly if you are stressed. You need to just breathe for now. There will be time to process and mourn your loss, or to express your anger or emotions; but for now – calm down. Once you slow your mind, breathing and overall being, you can start to activate your powerful brain.


List Your Options

  • We always have options. Create a high, medium and low road option. High road being your best option and low your absolute last resort option. This will give you some perspective. Keep in mind that not all the worst things that can happen will happen all at once. There is always a window period, however long or short. Work within your unique time-frame.


Review your Finances

  • In most instances our fears come down to loss of income, i.e our inability to pay for the things we need (or in many instances simply don’t need). You will be absolutely amazed at how much you can cut away. Consider all your options, and don’t do something silly, like just cancelling all your life insurance or health cover. Consult with the appropriate professionals and make informed decisions. Try to forecast a three to six months cash-flow.


Admit You Are Not Alone

  • The economic crises is currently unfolding on every continent, in some places the downturn is less severe and in others more pressing. Accept the circumstances as they are, wherever you may find yourself at the moment. There are many people who share your worries and issues. There will be support, contingency plans and a great global effort to get the world economy moving again. This is an important time to really think about your own life and how you wish to live it.


You Can Do This!

  • Your life is a collage of circumstances, events, crisis’s, celebrations, death, life, successes and failures. Think back to the last thing that really shocked you to the core, and I am not referring to a Covid-19 related event, I am talking about your personal life. Can you remember the situation? What happened thereafter? Did life continue, albeit in a slightly changed sort of way? Did you survive that? Did you manage to work through it? You have the ability to work through this situation, don’t lose sight of that.


We don’t have the solutions, answers and best options right now, but we have the prospect and duty to remain focused and hopeful, even if only for our own survival.

Get up, slap the dust of the seat of your pants, and find your way out of this – let’s whip it like Indy!