​No, it’s not Dead On Arrival, it stands for Don’t Overuse Abbreviations! Many years ago, I worked as a time share sales consultant (yes, I know, not my proudest moment) and in the timeshare business there was no shortage of clever abbreviations, industry jargon and confusing terms.

During one of our morning meetings, our sales manager pointed out that our clients are not familiar with the timeshare industry, so we should stop using so many technical terms in our pitches without explaining them. What a profound moment of truth! A lesson I was just recently reminded of again.

One of my clients sent me a piece of writing to edit for a LinkedIn post. I immediately noticed all the abbreviations, none of which were explained in the piece. My concern was that people don’t share things they are not familiar with.

While admittedly it was an industry specific piece, the campaign relied heavily on it being shared to a number of people outside the sector. I cautioned my client that this could negatively impact on the success of the campaign.

Be careful of snappy abbreviations, clever terms and industry jargon – not all your recipients will be familiar with language used within your specific industry. Be accommodating and take the time to explain what you mean. Keep it clear and to the point.