I should actually say trust yourself. Why are we so quick to doubt ourselves? Is it somehow born into our psyche or is it hotwired into our upbringing? We often see this in the insecurity of a toddler’s eyes – that moment they realise they’ve taken one step too far and fell or stood to close to a cow and got bumped over or received an unsuspecting nip from some bizarre furry critter.

I wish I could say we outgrow these seemingly insignificant incidents and that “it’s all part of growing up” but the reality is that many times we don’t. Years later uncertain steps are reborn into compounded fears of speaking in public, insecurity metastasizes into all sort of phobias, and we often need counselling and medication.

I had to write on a topic this week and it didn’t resonate with my interests at all. Reading the first draft, I cringed at my writing and without skipping a beat, started doubting my abilities. I mean writers are supposed to create works of art just like that, right. After a disastrous attempt at re-writing the piece, and endless back and forth (to the detriment of those around me) I went to bed in a scattered kaleidoscope of worthlessness.

Long story short, I woke up the next morning, sat down at my desk and with the rhythm of Zumba instructor, created a masterpiece. Same topic, same words, but like a seasoned carpenter I added a little bit here, cut a little bit away there and to be honest I am mightily proud of the piece, and so was my client.

But I felt as if I was not yet over this incident. Why was it so easy to push me into a pit of doubt? Why was I the first victim of my assault? Surely, at my age, I should know better! Reading the article just before I emailed it to my client, I realised I have to learn to trust my abilities.

Trusting ourselves is not shouting words of encouragement or giving ourselves high-fives or the often proclaimed “just believe” in yourself, it’s more than that, trust is also:

  • Being kind to yourself.
  • Admitting that we don’t feel our best today.
  • Resting well and coming back to be better.
  • Arriving at your desk, ready to try again, in spite of our doubts.

Be your best today – trust yourself.