Part of my morning routine is to watch documentaries as I brush my teeth and shave. It gets my mind working and I have expanded my general knowledge on a host of topics over the years. But today I opted for a different option, I saw a post on Instagram about Conan O’Brien’s farewell speech on what was his last show.

Conan O’Brien has been in the late-night show business for the past 27 years and hosted a number of shows with a number of networks such as NBC and cable channel TBS. After a number of years O’Brien decided to bring his late-night show career to a close.

Listening to his closing speech, which was basically a long appreciation speech to all those silent heroes in the background, ranging from producers, managers, writers and many other people, including his wife, made me realise that what we see on these late-night programs is literally the tip of the iceberg. There are so many hardworking people involved to produce a show and I think we should show more appreciation in general to all late-night show hosts. But that’s just me feeling preachy of course.

What really got to me in the end though, was how hard Conan was trying to hide his real feelings by employing his raucous laugh and that famous red bouncing fringe! Aren’t we all just human with our own sorrows, regrets and emotions in the end?

It’s hard to move on, especially when we walk into an unknown future. Perhaps you’ve resigned from a longstanding job or brought a struggling friendship to a close after many years, or accepted that certain dreams may never come true for you. Whatever your end may be, we have to believe that there is always the prospect of the new start. The unpredictability of our futures is what makes us feel alive and realise our own vulnerability and dependence on those around us.

I honestly believe there is a time and a season for everything that happens to us. A time to come and time to go. Whatever time or season it is for you right now, of for me for that matter; let’s be open, let’s be bold, let’s be brave – and let’s take those first humble steps…