Two things kind of happened at the same time; the Tour de France started on the Saturday, and another adjusted Level 4 lockdown was announced by the president on the Sunday, this time with his iPad safely in front of him.

While these two events seem to share no commonality, they both stood as important reminders that engaging and living this life, besides requiring our full daily commitment, also requires a special kind of determination or tenacity as I like to call it.

The Tour experienced one of its most destructive first stages in history, mainly brought about by not one but two serious crashes, the first caused by a fan standing in the road with her back turned toward the storming peloton, the second caused by the unfortunate touching of two rider’s wheels. Both these crashes left a kaleidoscope of carnage consisting of a heap of broken carbon frames and riders in its wake. It really was that bad. 4 Riders withdrew from the race and a list of 12 more riders were numerous injuries we all going to be monitored closely as the race progresses. Imagine being one of those riders!

Come Sunday night, we sat with abated breath, staring at our laptop screens and listening to the president telling us about the new Delta variant (from India), its damaging impact and the necessity to act now. An adjusted level 4 lockdown is solemnly announced and the prez carefully goes through his list of restrictions as conjured by the Coronavirus Command Council. Nothing new really, besides a stricter curfew, a new ban on alcohol sales and a restriction on gatherings. I thought they were prohibited anyway.

I saw a parallel in the determination needed by every injured cyclist to pick themselves up and to continue with the race and having to pick myself up and stay positive about our country and our ability as a people to work through the damaging impact of this the 3rd wave of Covid infections.

Now is really the time to keep one’s focus; stay disciplined; get up, get working, stay on track, manage the things you control. True grit is basically what we do when the chips are way down and believe me, they are way down at the moment, especially from an economic perspective.

I don’t know where you are or what your unique circumstances are at the moment. I am not familiar with your challenges, but I do know this; this life requires that we get up and get back on our bikes, even if we did crash. As long we have breath in our lungs (many don’t), we should give our lives our full commitment and effort.

Be tenacious!