Finally, after many months of remaining indoors, and only nipping to town for the essentials, I was beginning to think we are slowly winning the fight against Covid. This was last year (2020), then the second variant struck at around Christmas. I know because my youngest son was infected. I was worried to be honest. We quarantined as a family, and fortunately none of us were infected. We celebrated, or shall I say did our own thing on Christmas and New Year, which was when our quarantine period ended. I finally got to have my quiet Festive Season I so longed for, but it’s not all that impressive I must admit.

Then we ventured quietly into 2021 with silent hopes and humble (shall I just call them small?) new year’s resolutions. By the end of February 2021 were officially back into a second wave of infections, and while it was apparent that my son, in spite of testing positive for the second variant, appeared to be
A-symptomatic, more people flooded into hospitals and more people started dying. A few weeks later other provinces followed a similar trajectory.

It is now July 2021, and we are officially in a third wave of infections but with one main difference, the vaccines is now becoming available to my age group. I am 44 years of age, so I am now eligible to register for the vaccine. All of this time the idea of receiving the vaccine was a remote thought and I have been pro-vaccine, and feverishly encouraging everyone to take the vaccine when given the chance. Thanks to a detailed article written (ironically by Bill Gates), my mind was made up that once I get the opportunity, I will take the vaccine.

But now that it’s on my doorstep, I suddenly find myself choking on my own sermons and now I have to act on my soap-box intentions. But no matter how much I convince myself that it’s all going to be ok and that I need this vaccine and that it is necessary to achieve herd immunity, I have to admit that I am afraid, and I suspect that this might also be at the heart of the anti-vaxxer movement; plain and simple fear.

If you are afraid, you’re not alone, and admitting this to yourself is an important part of the process. Personally, I will still take the vaccine because the majority of the current deaths being recorded are happening to unvaccinated people and vaccinated people appear to have a real chance against surviving an infection. I can’t afford to wait 5 years (as many anti-vaxxers do) to see “if it works”.

If it is death you fear, take the vaccine. Not taking the vaccine will no doubt, as the virus continues to mutate, that you will sooner or later run out of time and options and be confronted with that very fear.

In the past week alone, one US hospital’s entire record of deaths were all non-vaccinated people. If that does not state the case for the effectiveness of the vaccine and convince you to take it, then I don’t know what will? Also, we can’t be friends either. Sorry.