It came as a big surprise to me when I realised that I don’t have to respond to everything I hear, see or experience. One would think that we would know this, but we get sucked into a world that never shuts up and has primed us with useless rewards to constantly act – like this, share that, comment here, email this and the list is endless.

Why do we believe we have to act every time we are prompted to do so? Who taught us that? In most cases we can simply enjoy a moment in silence, and we don’t have to do anything. The same thing happens at kindergarten concerts; parents record their children perform on a screen, instead of just enjoying the moment happening in real time. How many times have you ever watched the recording?

Taken an incident at work, or how about a public outcry of some hideous event portrayed on social media. Do you need to act on it? Does it warrant a response from you right this very moment? Do you have all the facts (are you sure)? Could you resist the urge, and not say or do anything? Maybe challenge yourself and see how long you can last.

Maybe you don’t agree with this post, and you feel you need to say why, but do you really have to right this moment? Think about this; really think.