My name is Ivan and this is my story…

I write my first drafts in pencil, call me old school but something magical happens when I allow my thoughts the freedom to tap-dance through my fingers onto the blank page. I might scratch out a word, or a complete paragraph, and end up with a series of marks, notes, and doodles – from this beautiful mess the outlines of something creative takes shape.

My enchantment with the power of words and stories dates back to my childhood. Between the pages of books, I visited foreign lands, slayed fierce dragons, unearthed untold secrets, learned how to do public speaking, fell in love with the Thames, and mourned the death of imaginary people.

Tiny scribbles come alive and transform into action, and we bear witness to a fascinating metamorphosis!

By the power of our words, we can end wars, or even worse, start them.

My goal is to create authentic prose, and who knows, maybe we happen to change the world.

I enjoy having creative conversations and sharing new ideas. If you would like me to join you on your next project, please contact me directly.

Talk to me:

Tel: +27 83 419 1014

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Tel: +27 83 419 1014