Hello, I am Ivan, this is my story!

I am enchanted by the power of words and the impact of placing them in different sequences. By the power of our words, we can end wars, invite guests to a wedding, bake a perfect soufflé, see why our engine light comes on, and adopt a snow-leopard. Tiny structures formed on paper.

It was my gran who ignited my love affair with books, words, stories and writing when I was still in primary school. What I am today, as a writer, I owe to her, and the many blissful afternoons we spent reading together in silence, on a small holding in the fading Free State winter sun. How often I go back to those days in my mind’s eye – I smile even now as I type this.

To me, writing is craft. Discipline. Focus. An act of silencing the mind. Clutching in your hand, a pencil, and feeling the vibrations, as thoughts flow from mind-to-heart, from heart-to-mind, from mind-to-hand, from hand-to-paper.

Despite all our best advances our world longs for authentic experiences. My goal is to create writing that bring about a sense of the authentic, the real, the untarnished. Creating elegant stories with similar panache as the grand masters of the classics.

I write first drafts with a pencil in hand – crafting in a more traditional way. You will have gathered that I consider writing to be a serious endeavour indeed. Of course, we can also laugh, and live and love!

For now, though, let’s collaborate and ignite the world with our words!

We can connect remotely via Skype, Zoom or Hangouts, or we can meet in person. I am in the Durbanville area. However you decide, as long as we can have coffee!

Talk to me:

Tel: +27 83 419 1014
Email: ivan@pencilthis.com