Brand Communication

Your business brand is so much more than the sum total of all advertising and marketing activities. In an important way, your brand represents the relational service delivery your customer can expect and also count on. In that promise and tell-tale characteristics of who you are as a business, is also your unique story of how you became who you are, especially when the business’s establishment and growth is a tale akin to a story from the Wild West. Your story will include hardship and disappointment; success and adventure, worries and failures, and from those fires of life, has come forth a business that has stood the test of time and endured. Your customer needs to know that, more importantly, they need to believe it!

What you need to keep in mind is that your customers are connected, intelligent, pro-active and aware of exactly how they are being targeted with subtle, and sometimes less so, persuasive and alluring calls to action and all sorts of tools, gimmicks and on-line gadgets to get them to take that first step towards a purchase.

It is my experience that you won’t penetrate your customers marketing force field unless you change the way you speak. You need to draw your customer into your story, to get them to listen. If you do this well, your customer will respect your story and open up to you in a similar way.

I am most passionate about this tantalising interplay between brands and customers and I enjoy crafting new conversations, to help business engage in a new way with their customers. I apply this specifically to the details of the messaging that goes out to your customers by means of press releases, public and media events, engaging blog and social media posts and any other communicative activities.

Brand Support Communication also has to be directed internally. Do your employees know the brand story? Do they understand the way your business speaks to your customers? I can also assist with the wording of new or existing initiatives that will stimulate and energise your staff to also re-invent their own purpose and stories and to fuel the business with that energy.

I can offer the following writing services:

* Media / Press Releases.
* Special Events Reporting.
* Blog Articles.
* Social Media Messages.​


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