The first part of my consulting process is usually just to listen. I then provide guidance, impart industry knowledge, and offer a range of practical solutions to individuals, businesses and organisations. In the majority of cases my clients know what they want to say but they are not sure how they want to say it. I assist my client by suggesting the best suited format, identifying the appropriate platforms and also advise them on the stylistic elements required to achieve their intended message.

Below is a typical shortlist of deliverables and content I produce for my clients on an ongoing basis:

  • Web Copy (new and optimised texts)
  • Blog Articles
  • Media and Press Releases
  • Special Events Reporting
  • Long Form Content
  • Specialised Content Articles
  • Copywriting (various texts and formats)
  • Ghost-writing Articles
  • Business Plans
  • SEO Content
  • e-Books
  • Business Profiles
  • Annual Reports
  • Training and Operator’s Manuals
  • Technical User Manuals
  • Business Strategies
  • Business Proposals
  • Case Studies / White Papers
  • Product Abstracts
  • Academic Articles
  • Product Reports and Reviews
  • Marketing Material and other Collateral

Don’t see an example of the type of copy you are looking for, then please head over to my Portfolio of Projects, or send me a direct email at so we can discuss your unique requirements.

I enjoy having creative conversations and sharing new ideas. If you would like me to join you on your next project, please contact me directly.

Talk to me:

Tel: +27 83 419 1014

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Tel: +27 83 419 1014