Marketing Optimisation

Marketing as a business function has become increasingly more complex as companies find themselves competing in an evolving digital world. The face of the traditional marketing channels have changed from being mainly printed brochures, displayed banners, large highway based billboards and newspapers inserts, to being almost entirely on-line or in some digital or electronic format.

This change, and this should comes as no surprise, has challenged businesses to up-skill their marketing teams and to introduce new ways of marketing their services and products. Digital marketing has no doubt become a deeply specialised field with a number of sub-divisions and intricate nodes that are all connected. In a certain sense this also influenced the evolution of services and products offered to customers. Customers has slowly but steadily migrated away from products and services towards experiences and information sharing. Businesses don’t sell to customers anymore; they partner, they consult, they inform, they make plans, they offer alternate solutions. This is no longer the world of flashy brochures, yours-to-keep branded pens, handy coasters or pretty key rings.

A highly digital marketing environment requires a new set of management tools and measurement metrics. It is not uncommon for marketing meetings to be dominated with discussion on analytics, tracking, KPI setting, marketing collateral mapping and numerous other forms of marketing terms. All designed to trace every dollar spent on marketing and to test if it improved your Return on Investment (ROI).

While necessary to track the effectiveness of all things marketing, for any business that spends a substantial amount of their budget on this endeavour, one must wonder how this vibrancy of the marketing function plays out in the mind and experience of your customer. Where is the customer in all this? One cannot help but wonder, at what point do we go and consider the customer’s experience. Are we still sensitive to our customer’s experiences, likes, dislikes, concerns and fears? Do we even think about the way we speak to our customer about our actual service and product offering?

Re-connecting the intention of a business in response to their customers’ needs remains an area that I am highly passionate about, and it requires constant and regular reviewing and assessment of your marketing messages. Making sure that the way we inform, educate and share with great accuracy and crisp and clear language, the intricacies of our products and services, remains a key outcome of this range of services.

Few things are as deeply satisfying and exhilarating as redefining the message to the customer, and finding that it works. Why don’t we start today, and make it easier for your customer to do business with you!

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* Marketing Material.
* Sales Campaigns.

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