Technical Documentation

I worked with Bob. Yes, that was actually his name. Bob was an older gent with a quiet demeanour. Bob also had a ferocious red pen with which he made edits to my technical texts that could make even the most thick skinned technical writer flinch. Bob just sliced away at our beautifully written texts with the precision of a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

On one of those days, a brutal-editing-in-process kind of day, I asked Bob why he always felt the need to be so prudent, dare I say violent. To this day I remember Bob’s words as if he is standing right next to me. He said “Your reader needs to operate the equipment, which alone is difficult – our job is to make the reading the easy part”.

What is often an oversight by technical design and development teams is that the simplicity and practicality of using the product, be it an on-line service, a physical product, an mobile phone app, a software package or a piece of tech, is that your customer’s experience of that product is as important as all the preceding marketing and sales activities.

Technical documentation is not only limited to operating, training and technical manuals, it also includes the sales steps, contractual documentation, product descriptions, quotations and spec sheets and numerous other support documents that is used by your employees and other service departments. Good technical writing has a particular symmetry and layout. It is designed to complement your products and services.

I have extensive experience in the design and development of technical documentation, from the concept and definition phase, all the way to final delivery of a suite of deliverables.

Let’s have coffee and embark on this journey to design and write crisp and clean technical documents. Your customer deserves clarity and enjoyment!

I can offer the following writing services:

* User Manuals.
* Training Manuals.
* Technical Manuals.
* Product Specifications and Abstracts.

We can connect remotely via Skype, Zoom or Hangouts, or we can meet in person. I am in the Durbanville area. However you decide, as long as we can have coffee!

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